"There Are No Ordinary Moments"

About Me

In early 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. I am happily married to Leisa, we are the parents of 5 children, 1 son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. McKelle and Casey, Brigden and Kyler, Jordan, Jacie, Kamrie, and Torie.I am blessed with a wonderful family.
I am employed at Knight Transportation, an over the road trucking company, my employer going on 22 years. I am greatly blessed for my employers and the care they give to me. I am an active member of the LDS Church and have great support from the members.
 My hobbies include gardening, woodworking, raising chickens, theme cake decorating, hiking, camping, and most important exercise and cycling. Since diagnosed, I have participated in 3 sprint triathlons, rode in organized cycle rides such as The Tour de Tucson 2011 42 mile ride, Tour de Safford 2011 ride, The 2012 Ride the Vortex for MS,  The Copper Triangle 78 Mile High Alpine Cycle Tour, The 2012 Tour de Tucson 60 mile ride, as well as being involved with my friends from POPs Ride (, a great event that has effected my life forever. I also serve on the committee of board members for the Muhammad Ali Center in Phoenix, and have participated in their events, Walk the Fight 5K Run / Walk and the Knockout PD Golf Tournament. 

In early 2012 I met Brian Baehr through attending a support group at the  Muhammad Ali Research Center for Parkinson’s.  We quickly became friends that shared the challenge of Parkinson’s disease, as well as many personal interests and opportunities to motivate each other in our quest to do everything possible to be the husbands, fathers, employees, community members, and Parkinson’s disease advocates that we should be, and promote everything positive that we can while coping with PD.

In April 2012 I participated in the great Baehr Challenge, an obstacle course/athletic skill testing event created by the Baehr Family. You can check it out at

 For my 50th birthday this year, my wife and I organized 50 Miles for 50 Years, a fun way to get family and friends together to thank them and celebrate my 50th.

I encourage everyone to never take their ability to move freely for granted. Never take into your body substances known and proven to be harmful. We never know when we will be affected by movement disorder challenges, whether it be directly to our own bodies, but to our family and friends.  I encourage everyone to recognize the value of exercise, proper diet,  rest, and stress minimization. Each of these or lack thereof can have a positive or negative impact on our bodies.

A positive attitude combined with exercise, education, therapy, proper use of medical or natural resources, family, friends, employment, church, support groups, etc., will help us as we face the challenges life brings us.

 A quote that came to my mind during our 50/50 Ride:

“I don't wish Parkinson’s on anyone, but I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience the things that I have experienced with Parkinson’s, and more importantly, experience the love, compassion and generosity coming from the wonderful family, friends, and strangers that I am able to experience these things with!” Carl Ames

People who inspire me!

Leisa Charlton Ames and 
My Whole Family

Chase Robertson- organized Eagle Scout Project Bob Bowen 4 Parkinsons
Joey Gregan and Terri Hollander
Brian Baehr and the whole Baehr Family-Brian, Kaye, Matt, Preston & Riley
Roy & Lynn Roden
Mick Beaman
Patti Meese
POPS Ride- Jerry, Shane & Shannon Stutzman, Kyle Worley
Lance Martin
Andrew Freirich
Stew Martz
Lots of great friends!

  If ever I can be of assistance to anyone or answer any questions, please feel free to contact me: 

(602) 625-7946



Chase Robertson of Kaysville UT, organized for his Eagle Scout Project a charity golf tournament honoring his great grandfather, Bob Bowen, who was challenged with Parkinson's Disease. The tournament was a great success. I got to participate and was asked to speak at the awards dinner. It was an honor to be there. Chase has a great family. Thank you Chase for your fine example.


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